Logo Requests and Downloads

Download a University Logo

If you are UMW staff, faculty, or student, sign in here to download the official University logos.

Request a University Logo

The University of Mary Washington will entertain proposals for use of the University name, seals, logos, or symbols by outside entities, including commercial vendors, when such use is determined to be in the best interests of positively promoting the name, identity, and image of the University. Requests from outside entities to use the name University of Mary Washington (UMW) or any of its seals, logos, or symbols requires prior written approval from the University President or Executive Vice President. Permission may not be extended to any other uses without additional approval. Use of the UMW name and marks in a manner that implies endorsement of programs, products, or services of any entity not directly associated with, or licensed in writing by, the University is prohibited. Neither will approval be granted for the University name or trademarks to be used in conjunction with the following:

- products that could be used to injure or kill;
– alcohol-related products;
– tobacco-related products;
– sexually suggestive products;
– products that are politically-oriented;
– products that present an unacceptable risk of liability;
– products that are inimical to the mission or image of the University.

University Relations retains the right to review proofs prior to final production of merchandise.

The University also reserves the right to rescind approval at any time for any reason.

External User Logo Request

If you are not UMW faculty, staff or student, please complete the following logo request form. We will review your submission and contact you shortly.
  • Describe in detail why the use of the logo/s is being requested, as well as how the proposed use is relevant to the university and/or nature of the partnership. (e.g. the university is a sponsor, partner, or host)
    2" in width is the minimum size permitted