Keeping Your Brand Alive

Smilng woman holding blank white speech bubble

Your brand is living. The graphics on a page are not. The content on your website or in your brochure aren’t alive either. They cannot react to criticism, respond to negativity with a positive attitude, or exhibit your brand personality traits through a silent action. Nonetheless, your brand is alive through you, and every person in your organization. You are the brand, your team is the messenger, and your actions can either make or break your brand. Ever been to a Disney park? Exactly. Every person employed by Disney must go through their brand training, because if they do not put the brand into action, then it is disposed of as quickly as a park brochure is thrown into the garbage can. Working in the relations and communications department of a public university brings a myriad of challenges. If your purpose is to be the central point of all internal and external communications, but nobody sees you as the central communicator then… well… you aren’t. We are met with criticism … [Read more...]