University Relations. What does that mean?

The name of our office – UREL for short – means different things, depending on who you are. If you are an outsider to the University of Mary Washington, we relate to you on various levels and through various means: Facebook, billboards, a magazine, admissions materials, the web, a Great Lives program, press releases, the Philharmonic, media advisories, or sponsorship of an event. If you are part of the Mary Washington community, we are in a relationship with you. We provide information via all of the above means, but also through EagleEye, digital signage, emails, posters, videos, etc. We also strive to meet all your communication needs – publicizing your conference, attracting prospective students, pitching your stories to the media, designing the commencement program, drawing people to campus, and promoting your programs. You can remember us because we are a: Unifying Resource for Enlightening and Lauding This blog is for you. We are in the PR business but we don’t do a … [Read more...]