Social@UMW: A Social Media User’s Group

Last year, I had a revelation – if we really wanted to be effective at social media on a university level, we needed to talk to each other. Not just a quick “hey” in the hallway or passing “how are you,” but real, honest discussions about the big stuff – strategy, goals, and challenges. This wasn’t my idea. In fact, social media user’s groups have been cropping up at campuses all over the country in recent years. We needed a forum where staff from across campus could come together to brainstorm ideas, learn best practices, and serve as a support network to each other. The solution for us was Social@UMW. Here are our takeaways from the process: Make sure you can articulate the reason(s) and purpose for the group. For us, it was providing a space for brainstorming, sharing best practices, and providing support. Do your homework – I talked with colleagues at other institutions in Virginia and D.C. (thanks, Georgetown and William & Mary) to learn about how they structured … [Read more...]