Web Advisory Committee Meetings 2012-2013

We will be resuming our regular meetings in September. To do so, we need a schedule that will work for as many folks as possible. We may break things up by topic as well, depending on interest and schedule. Please answer the questions below to give us an idea of how to coordinate our meetings.
  • Would you be available to participate online (with training)? Let us know if any of the above possibilities work for you -- this is helpful for telecommuters, faculty who are not on campus that day, or those in Stafford and Dahlgren who may not be able to make meetings in person. We need you at the table, and as we grow, we should not let geography stop the conversation!
  • Please check which blocks of time during which weeks of the month are free for you to join monthly 90-minute meetings to discuss topics on the UMW Web site. Check ALL that apply.
  • We may be breaking up the WAC into interest groups rather than a broader discussion. To that end, the topics above are what we will largely concentrate on in the following year. Please enter which topic is of most interest to you. Select as many as you like.
  • If there are others in your area who should participate in these discussions, please give me their names and forward the link to the form to them. Thank you!